Provide a car or your time and meet transportation needs in our community.

Have you ever thought about trying to find a job, get to work, buy groceries or take the kids to the doctor without a car? In this day and age, it’s difficult, almost impossible, to live in Cincinnati without a vehicle. Wheels is a volunteer team dedicated to helping meet the transportation needs of people in our community. The team reconditions donated vehicles and passes them on to qualified recipients.



Do you have a used car that you’re thinking of trading in or selling? Consider giving it to Wheels instead. You can receive a tax deduction for the fair market value of your vehicle, and more importantly, you’ll receive the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve been a huge blessing to someone in need. 


SERVICE TEAM: Whether you’re an ASE Certified Technician, a backyard mechanic that loves to tinker, or someone that likes to make a car shine, there’s a place for you at Wheels. Volunteers are needed to inspect, service and make minor repairs on donated vehicles. Service work is done at our shop. 

ADMINISTRATIVE TEAM: If you don’t know a socket wrench from a screwdriver but would still like to help, you can help out administratively, with food, with cleaning, with running errands.


Applications criteria are available through our partner organizations. Upon receipt each application is carefully screened and processed. If the applicant qualifies, our team of dedicated volunteers spring into action preparing your vehicle.

The Waiting List Never Deflates

If you have a used car that’s in decent condition that you’re thinking of trading or selling, consider giving it to the Wheels ministry instead. You’ll get a tax deduction for the car’s fair market value, but more importantly, you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve been a huge blessing to someone in need, they note.

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